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Russia, Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg      



On the 27th of May 1703 Tsar Peter the Great founded a fortress and a city next to it, which was named after Saint Apostle Peter. And it took this new city , which was built according to a single draft, only 10 years to grow into a glamorous capital of Russia - Saint-Petersburg.

For 200 years, beginning in 1712, Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire. Being the centre of a great country, it inevitably attracted all kinds of people, both good and bad, but prominent, from every part of its huge territory.

It witnessed many happy days, as well as tragedies.

The XX century for Saint Petersburg is a tremendous transformation from the ideas and illusions of the socialist revolution, through the heroic survival in the Nazi Blockade during World War II (1941-1945) to its renaissance in 1991, when its historical name - Saint-Petersburg - was returned to the city.

Russia, Saint Petersburg

Today Saint Petersburg is a major industrial, scientific, cultural and business centre of the new Russia , with a population over 5 mln people. The city is the centre of a free economic zone.

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