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Russia, Moscow, VDNH




On June 23, 1992, by Decree of the RF President and Regulation of the RF Government, USSR EPEA was renamed into the State Joint-stock Company All-Russia Exhibition Center (AREC).

Its basic challenges were: promotion of Russia's economic, scientific-technical and social infrastructure, business activity, formation of innovatory products and intellectual property market, introduction into production of the science-intensive technologies and projects, interaction with the republican, regional and local exhibition and fair structures.

The Center infrastructure creates favorable opportunities for the organization and running of exhibitions, fairs, festivities, shows and art festivals.

The largest exhibition center formed in a number of years at the expense of state budget - All-Russia Exhibition Center - is Russia's national patrimony. One of the Center basic challenges is preservation and development of its architectural, leisure and exhibition ensemble.

All-Russian Exhibition Center, Open Joint Stock CompanyAddress: GAO VVC, Estate 119, Mir Prospect, Moscow, 129223GAO VVC Information Service:

Tel: +7 (095) 544-3400
Fax: +7 (095) 544-3480

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Russia, Moscow, VDNH

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